Mixed Media Canvas: Bathroom decoration


Hello! Welcome to another fun project. I received so many lovely comments for my previous mixed media canvas that I did for a library with the cute owl. So, I decided to make another one, this time for a bathroom. If you want to watch how I created it, here is the video. As usual, you can find the list of supplies at the bottom of the page, and description area in YouTube.

I used a Windsor & Newton canvas board. You can use whichever canvas you want to. You can also adjust the size according to where & how you want to use this. The canvas was prepped with gesso, so I didn’t do it again. I used Distress paint directly on it. The aim here was to create a bathroom wall with tiles. So, I gave some decoration with a flourish stamp using Archival ink. It’s very important to have medium that doesn’t move with water. THat’s why I used Distress paint and Archival ink, and I dried the canvas throughly before I applied glaze. It’s very important, otherwise glaze will make the paint move.

I used a square shape stencil to apply the glaze. Your glaze needs to be think, so that you can use it with a stencil. You need to be careful and slow, so that you don’t ruin all your work. Glaze makes mess quickly. I’m talking out of experience 🙂 You also need to dry the canvas very well after applying glaze. Heat tool won’t work. you need to air dry it, takes about 40 minutes. It’s a longer process, but it looks amazing in the end 🙂

I printed a bath tub from the internet and I inserted legs in it as if someone is having a bath. I also wanted to create a towel with fabric. Sprayed it with Dylusions ink spray. Then hanged it with foam tape, so it looked like it was hanging form the stick.

To give a bit more interest, I also added some sequins representing bubbles, and music notes (chipboards). To ring all colors together, I did some splashes of yellow and white on the page.

I hope you enjoy the canvas. Don’t forget to subscribe or like it if you did! See you next time.


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