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Art Journal Page: How to add lights to your page


Hello! Welcome to another art journal post. As Christmas is approaching, excitement is increasing. All the festive colors and lights are so inspiring that I wanted to try something new this time. I was watching all the card makers and these Chibitronics lights are so popular at the moment. People create amazing cards with them. But, I wanted to see if I could use them on an art journal page. It would be amazing if someone opens your book and could press a button to light up the page 🙂 So, here is the video if you want to see how I created it. You will also find full list of supplies down below or at the description area on my YouTube page.

Before I talk about the page, I would like to tell you, there are many videos on Lawn Fawn YouTube channel to see how to create cards with these lights, so you can learn how the mechanism works. Also, inside the pack there are instructions that are very helpful.

As usual I prepped my page with gesso since I’m using acrylic paints. I first created a night sky using Distress paints. The trick really is to build up the colors slowly, going back and forth, see how you like it. If you go very dark with a lot of paint at first, it’s more difficult to come back from it. Then I simply did some splashes with shite gesso to create some snow effect. I also used an Altenew background to add a bit of stars just in a subtle way with Vanilla color. As an interest this time, I preferred to add texture by using artificial snow at the ground of the page. I sprinkled it onto strong adhesive.

Then I created my focal points. I chose a snowman from an Art Impressions stamp set. I also chose another stamp set from Stampendous Pink Your Life collection. It was a cute stamp set with a truck to carry gifts and Christmas tree. I decided that I will place a light on top of the tree with the star. I simply stamped and colored them. This time I used Caran Dache Luminance pencils. You can use whatever you like the most to color with.


The details on the tree are made with Nuvo crystals using Christmas colors. I also did some gift boxes and sticked them on the page here and there. I did this because when I looked at the page, there were red elements and I felt the page was not coming together. Adding these red gift boxed definitely made a difference. It also gave me the idea I could make them a press button.


I also gave my snowman a nice fluffy hat by applying snow marker and heat setting it. First time I used this pen, it was amazing 🙂 I will use it more often for sure making clouds, snow and many other things. I used 2 sticker sets to create my sentiment, that goes with the page. It was actually the sentiment in the Stampendous stamp set, but the stamp was s so small, so I created my own.


Lastly, coming to the lights, I bought the simplest beginner set of Chibitronics. You will see below the link. I was not sure if I can manage or I will like it. I definitely LOVED it! It took some time to learn and build it, but then once you do, it will be really easy to do next time. I really love the surprise effect it will create when someone takes it and presses the button. I also gave a little instruction where they need to press the button. You can imagine it’s very difficult to tell here how to set up that, but you can always watch the video I put here to see how I did it.

Hope you enjoyed the page. Please don’t forget to share, like or leave a comment. Here is the full list of supplies with links to online stores you can buy them:

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