Mixed Media Tag

Mixed Media Tag: Inspire

img_2826Hello! Welcome to another post. This time I wanted to work on a smaller surface. It’s been some time I didn’t create a tag, and I love tags actually. They are so versatile, you can use for many purposes. You can embellish as you want without worrying about adding bulk to your journal. So, I would really encourage you to try if you find a journal page scary and you love adding dimension, a tag could be a really good solution 🙂 If you want to watch how I created this tag, the video is below. I also want to remind that full list of supplies are at the end of this post or at the description area on YouTube.

When I create my projects, generally I have an idea about an outline, a sentiment, etc. So, I start from somewhere and then see as I go. On this one, I was completely blank! I started from a point that I knew I wanted a pink, purple tag 🙂 So, I chose one of the prettiest paints: Prima Alchemy Metallique paints. These paints have a very nice shimmer with a metallic look. Colors are amazing, I can’t recommend more.

I used a Prima tag. The size and the thickness of the tag was perfect. And it comes with a nice script design on it, so you already have a background on it. I wanted to have some embellishment first, so I started to add some elements. I first added burlap fabric, not covering all of the tag, but some parts. Then I did some stenciling with modeling paste. On top, I added some chipboards, a tree branch and seagulls. After I have this set up, I decided to add my color. I covered all of this with gesso to make sure everything will take the color the same way and also to prepare the surface. I used different tones of purple and pink of Prima Metallique paints. I did some degradation from top to bottom, from darkest to lightest. I was really in love with how it looked. So, I took a picture to show you here.


You will find all the colors I used here down below. Then with the same paints I did some splashes all over to bring the page together. Then I looked for a focal point, and found this sentiment chipboard that fit perfectly on my tag and also these amazing flower stickers from Martha Stewart. Martha Stewart has really good quality dimensional stickers, also super pretty.

In addition I used some white sequins from a sequin collection of Little Things from Lucy’s shop. She’s my favorite when it comes to sequins.

For the word Inspire, I colored it with Vintage Rose, the lightest color in the mix. Then to give some more interest, I added some shimmery mink with two products: Nuvo embellishment mousse and Gilding Wax from Creative Expressions. They basically do the same job, different brands. I also added splashes on the word to bring the page together.


Lastly, I went over the embellishments a bit with white gesso to make them more prominent. And doing this and having white flowers, I did a little bit splashes with white gesso too. As I say, in doubt, do splashes 🙂 It’s the solution to many things.


Lastly, I added a little token that says Create on top of the tag together with a natural twine. And that was it!

I hope you liked it. I certainly enjoyed a lot creating it and love the colors!

Please don’t forget to hit the like button, subscribe or leave comments. That’s how I know you like my projects. See you next time!


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