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Art Journal page with table napkins


Hello! Welcome to another post. In this one, I wanted to show you another very cheap way of having a gorgeous picture without much effort 🙂 I used a table napkin here as my focal point and it’s another way to include whatever is around you in your projects.

You can watch the video here to see how I created the page. As usual full list of supplies are down below or at the description area in YouTube:

To create my background, I used one of my favorite mediums, Paper Artsy Infusions. These are powder pigments, that has Walnut particles in it, so each color becomes vintage style and there’s instantly a texture on your page. You can either apply it with Matte medium, in which case you will have more control and an instant seal on your page. Or, you can simply use water spray and have a bit of a surprise 🙂 I went for the surprise this time, but if you want to see another page I applied with matte medium, here is another video:

In this page, I started with Lemoncello, then mixed it up with Sage to create  more variety in colors. After I’m finished with this base color, I dried my page and sealed it with matte medium for the color not to move with what I do on top.


I did some background stamping with Archival Sepia ink and crackle stamp. Then I sticked my butterflies that I cut from a napkin. I really love how gorgeous the color is. I sticked one on each page with matte medium again. Then I created some shadow around it with infusions Orange County, this time applying with matte medium. Also, I used Violet Storms here and there to create some interest. I also did some shadowing around the butterflies with Faber Castell Big Brush pen. So my images were not flat on the page, rather blended in.


To make my butterflies pop put more, I added some details with white gel pen and also gave a border. I also used my liquid pearl to embellish a bit.

Lastly, I added a bit of border with white embossing powder, and also embossed my sentiment with white embossing powder as well.



I hope you enjoyed the page and got inspired. If you did, please don’t forget to give thumbs up or subscribe 🙂 See you next time!

List of supplies:


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