Mixed Media Canvas

Mixed Media Canvas: Enjoy little things


Hello! Welcome to another post. Here’s an easy and simple mixed media canvas. Often we see canvases and tags that are beautifully layered with several mixed media techniques. however, sometimes it might me intimidating, and we don’t know how to bring it together. So, I chose to create something everyone can replicate with few sprays, paints and big chipboard elements as focal points.

Here, you can watch the video to see how I created it. List of supplies are down below or at the description area on YouTube.

I used a few sprays from Lidy’s Stamp Gang and Prima Color Bloom. I created some texture at the background with stencil to create some interest.


I used Nuvo embellishment mousse in Indian Gold to highlight the texture as well as gesso.


I played with blue, green and purple colour scheme. And I used Gold colour mostly on my focal points. I covered the chipboard clock with a scrap paper in my stash, so that it has a texture at the back of it.


I covered the empty areas of the butterfly with scortape and poured glitter on it, so I have a very flattering, glittery butterfly 🙂


My sentiment is from a sticker set by 13 Arts printed on transparent paper with gold letters.


To bring everything together, I did splashes with purple and gold in the middle of the clock as well.

I hope you liked it. If you did, please don’t forget to subscribe and share 🙂


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